Welcome to El Alambre Mexican Restaurant! 

El Alambre is a family owned Mexican Restaurant located in West Omaha serving taqueria style tacos, alambres, burritos, tortas, tamales, chilaquiles, sopes, gorditas, carne asada and more of your authentic Mexican food favorites.  Please check out our full menu in English or Español

We have been open in the food court of the Oak View Mall in Omaha since 2017 and are excited to announce that we are now open at our new location at the Northeast corner of 168th and Harrison!

Call ahead for quick pick up! 

    Oak View Mall food court location: 402-334-TACO (8226)

    Harrison Street location: 402-895-9453

Oak View Mall Food Court

3001 S 144th St., Omaha, NE  

402-334-TACO (8226) 

168th & Harrison St 

16722 Harrison St.,Omaha, NE


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